Tincan Customs One-Stop-Shop facility nears completion .Clears the air on issue of bench marking .Calls for more compliance with fiscal policies

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Tincan Customs One-Stop-Shop facility nears completion

.Clears the air on issue of bench marking

.Calls for more compliance with fiscal policies

The CAC of Tincan Customs Command:

By Udeme Clement

The Tincan Island Port Command of Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, has recorded another remarkable achievement, as the construction of its One-Stop-Shop evaluation facility nears completion.

When Financial Business team visited the Command yesterday, it was observed that the project embarked on by the Customs Area Controller, CAC, of the Command, Comptroller Mohammed Abdullahi Baba Musa, just a month ago is almost completed.

The One-Stop-Shop facility at Tincan:

In a chat with the Public Relations Officer ,PRO, of Tincan Command Uche Ejesieme, on the level of work at the centre, he explained, “This project is unique and it is done in the nick of time necessary to enhance efficiency in trade facilitation process”.

He stated further, “You could recall in the time past that there were allegations on multiple alerts and duplication of functions in cargo clearing chain, to the extent that industry watchers created an impression that it was counter-productive to the Presidential directive on ease of doing business in the port”.

The PRO analysed, “Therefore, to stem the tide on recurring issues of multiple alerts, Comptroller Musa embarked on the construction of this facility to serve as ‘One-Stop-Shop’ that is one treatment area where all cases on valuation, classification, CIU alert, query/amendment alert and CPC alerts will be resolved. This implies that all these Units will be integrated into the ‘One-Stop-Shop’ treatment area to accommodate everything.  So that once documentation leaves this facility (One treatment area), any other alert coming after is declared null and void.”

He asserted, “Comptroller Musa anticipates that other teams will be incorporated into this one treatment area for seamless transactions in the trade value chain. As such, this will put to final rest the issue of multiple alerts on cargo clearance at Tincan port.”

Responding to question on what brought this initiative, Uche Ejesieme enthused, “The CAC has demonstrated high sense of creativity and innovation in his approach to eliminate bottle-necks in trade facilitation chain. This is in line with the policy of the Federal Government on the new ‘Executive Order’ for ease of doing business, as I mentioned earlier”.

He went on, “Aside from this facility, just last week, the newly elected executive members of ANLCA, led by the Vice Chairman, Dr. Collins Farinto came to Tincan Command on courtesy/operational visit. They raised issue of bench-marking. Before now, they thought that the CAC deliberately introduced bench-marking as a way of raising more revenue.

However, the CAC sensitised them and disabused their minds on that erroneous impression.  So, they realised that what they thought was bench-marking is simply a risk management criteria, which is applied during cargo profiling and selectivity to ensure that appropriate duty is paid to government.”

The PRO pointed out,  “So, what Tincan Command does is not bench-marking in practical terms but application of risk management technique in cargo profiling, which is in line with World Customs Organisation ,WCO,  standard.”

On the level of compliance with government’s fiscal policies at present, he stressed, “Before now there was issue of non-compliance with fiscal policies characterized by false declaration. But with awareness through regular interface with stakeholders, Tincan now experiences upsurge in compliance with fiscal policies, which is a good development and has shown on the level of revenue generation by the Command.  This shows that the measures put in place by the CAC are yielding positive results.”

Giving more information on the level of training by the Command, he said, “Tincan Customs is doing a lot in training and re-training of officers. For instance, data analysts with Tincan have been trained and sent to the terminals, such that with a click of button, you can get any data you want for operations. Also, the newly promoted Assistant Comptrollers will start their training, which is imperative towards creating them into the system.”

The One-Stop-Shop facility at Tincan:





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