Fake Auction Site: (Segment-2 report): Fake auction site: FOU alerts Nigerians against activities of fraudsters …Says FOU is not doing auction of cars, rice, other items …Warns the public strongly

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Fake Auction Site: (Segment-2 report)

 Fake auction site: FOU alerts Nigerians against activities of fraudsters   

.Says FOU is not doing auction of cars, rice, other items

.Warns the public strongly


 Be warned!!!

 Do not fall victim!!!

 Think before you click!!!

 FOU Zone ‘A’ is not doing auction sales!!!

 Do not patronise fraudsters!!!

  By Udeme Clement

Picture displayed on the fake auction site by fraudsters:

The Federal Operations Unit ,FOU, Zone ‘A’ of Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, is calling the attention of the public to a fake auction site, designed by fraudsters with images of the Unit, and calling on unsuspecting members of the public to buy seized vehicles, rice, vegetable oil and other items at cheaper prices.

The Unit hereby warns innocent citizens to beware and not to patronise fraudsters, as such auction site is fake, even as FOU Zone ‘A’ has nothing absolutely to do with such illegality.

The fact is that, FOU as a Unit of Customs has no authority to auction seized items. Auctioning of seized items is usually done by Customs headquarters in Abuja, under the watch and supervision of the Comptroller General of Customs, CGC, Ali Hameed, following due process.

Details obtained by Financial Business shows that the authentic auction platform operates by Customs is; ‘https://app1.trade.gov.ng/auction’ .  Customs has been doing auction through this site, and the authentic Customs auction site opens 48 hours on Monday 12noon to Wednesday 12 noon.

Additionally, the authentic Customs facebook page is ‘www.facebook.com/customs.ng’  and Nigerians should note that this facebook page is verified to show its authenticity.

The Customs Area Controller, CAC, of the Unit, Comptroller Mohammed Uba, condemns in strong terms the activities of fraudsters, using images showing the CAC, officers and seizures made by FOU Zone ‘A’ to swindle unsuspecting members of the public  in the name of auction sales.

Our investigation revealed that the culprits operating this fake auction site now are the same individuals who displayed a fake facebook page showing Comptroller Uba, in attempt to deceive innocent people. Funny enough, Comptroller Uba does not even have a facebook account and he is not on face book.

That one happened about a month ago and FOU Zone ‘A’ made a disclaimer announcement, which was published here on Financial Business to warn the public.  The only difference between what these criminals did that time and now is adding auction to it, all in attempt to swindle innocent people of their money.

Infact, the Disclaimer Notice published that time is also attached to this report below for more information.

Comptroller Uba alerts Nigerians not to fall victims, warning strongly that FOU is not doing auction sales of seized cars, vegetable oil, rice and other items, as displayed by fraudsters on their photographs on fake facebook page online.

Comptroller Uba emphasized, “Beware!!!

 Be warned!!!

 Do not fall victim!!!

 Think before you click!!!

 FOU Zone ‘A’ is not doing auction sales!!!

 Do not patronise fraudsters!!!”

  Segment-2 Report:

This is the segment-2 of this report as we promised.


Disclaimer Notice! 

 Attached below is the disclaimer notice published on similar report a month ago:

 Disclaimer Notice! 

 FOU alerts public on impersonation of Comptroller Uba on Facebook

 Be Warned !!!

 Do not fall victim!!!

 Think before you Click !!!

 Pervasive impersonation of Comptroller Mohammed Uba

 The attention of the Management of the Nigeria Customs Service ,NCS, Federal Operations Unit ,FOU, Zone ‘A’ has been drawn to the persistent activities of impersonators on social media platform, specifically ‘Facebook’, who are impersonating the Customs Area Controller ,CAC, of the Unit, Comptroller Mohammed Uba.

 The Unit hereby formally informs the public that Comptroller Mohammed Uba, the CAC of FOU does not have any ‘Facebook Account’. He does not even operate any ‘Facebook Account’ bearing his name or using his picture.

FOU is hereby alerting the public to be aware that any ‘Facebook Account’ bearing Comptroller Mohammed Uba is a fraudulent account being handled by impersonators trying to mislead unsuspecting members of the public by using  the CAC’s name and his images.

We hereby utilise this medium to urge to public to be perpetually conscious of such ‘Facebook Account’ (s), and desist from following the impersonators and similar accounts. We further ask that you contribute in exposing and reporting them till they are arrested.

These perpetrators are strongly warned to cease from handling such pages, because  impersonation is a criminal offence and we would not hesitate to take legal actions to ensure that those behind this crime are prosecuted according to the law, using ‘Facebook Administrator’s backend’.

The Nigeria Customs Service appreciates your continuous support and we remain committed to trade facilitation, while ensuring that smuggling is brought to its barest minimum.

Be warned !!!

Don’t patronize them!!!

Think before you click!!!

Signed: The Public Relations Officer, FOU Zone ‘A’

Mr. Jerry Attach:


Another picture used by the fraudsters:




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