(Segment-2, Report ): Tincan Customs rakes in N76.7bn with new innovations …Records N1.3bn- N1.8bn revenue daily …Targets more income flow for next quarter

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Segment-2, Report

 Tincan Customs rakes in N76.7bn with new innovations

.Records N1.3bn- N1.8bn revenue daily

.Targets more income flow for next quarter

 By Udeme Clement

The CAC of Tincan Command: 

Financial Business inquest revealed that aside from rewarding compliance, use of valid bank indemnity as collateral to prevent importers from incurring demurrage at the ports, immediate investigation by Dispute Resolution Committee to resolve issues relating to valuation, rapid response from Help Desk and Time Release Study ,TRS,  as new tools of trade facilitation, the Tincan Island Port Command of Nigeria Customs Service ,NCS, is embarking on extensive capacity building programmes for officers.

 The Public Relations Officer ,PRO, of the Command, Uche Ejesieme, made this In a chat with Financial Business.

 He said, “The Customs Area Controller ,CAC, of Tincan Command, Comptroller Mohammed Abdullahi Baba Musa,  believes that capacity building is essential for trade facilitation. As such, the CAC is working tirelessly to raise the tempo of trade facilitation and revenue generation for the Federal Government through capacity building. So, apart from introducing new tools of trade facilitation, he ensures regular training and retraining for officers, in order to enhance efficiency in daily operations.”

He further explained, “For example, at present, there is on-going training for officers on data processing. These data processing officers are being trained to ensure speedy generation of data and vital information from various units, to fast track activities relating to trade facilitation at Tincan Command”.

“The good thing is that, the training programmes are uniquely designed to upscale the skills of data processing officers, such that any data required on trade facilitation is generated within the shortest possible time, to ensure cargo clearance within 48hours. The CAC is taking all these measures to make sure there is no gap capable of causing delay in the trade facilitation chain, because 48 hours cargo clearance timeline is what we are very passionate about”.

“The Help Desk department created by the CAC is very effective, because the Command is doing a lot by using this platform to educate the public on issues of fake auction platforms and people running fake internet site, to prevent innocent Nigerians from falling victims to these fraudsters”.

The PRO emphasized, “Holistically, Tincan Command believes in pragmatic approach to trade facilitation, because even officers are aware that there are sanctions for any infraction. Infact, every document submitted is treated immediately. There is nothing like, drop your document and come back tomorrow.”

He stressed, “So, what I am saying is that, drop your document and come back tomorrow, has no place in our trade facilitation lexicon.”


(As promised, this is the segment-2 report, on Tincan Customs Command.)

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