Containers diversion not obtainable in enforcement operations- Says FOU PRO

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Containers diversion not obtainable in enforcement operations- Says FOU PRO

By Udeme Clement


CAC of FOU while addressing news men on the activities of the Unit:

The Public Relations Officer ,PRO, Federal Operations Unit ,FOU, Zone ‘A’ of Nigeria Customs Service ,NCS, Jerry Attah, has said that ‘Container Diversion’ is not obtainable in enforcement operations.

Speaking in his office, in response to the insinuation in a segment of maritime media, that FOU is involved in ‘Container Diversion’, he pointed out, “The major duty of FOU is enforcement, which involves anti-smuggling operations.

At present, “The Unit works assiduously to curb smuggling within its area of coverage, which is why FOU recorded massive seizures of prohibited items with a Duty Paid Value ,DPV, of N1.4billion  and underpayments recovery of N166.2milliion, making a cumulative revenue of N1.6billion, from March 19th to April 9th, 2018”.

He stressed,  “FOU also arrested 10 suspects in connection with 86 seizures within that three weeks, as part of its duty of enforcement.”

He went on, “Infact, it is expected that maritime reporters who cover the maritime industry over the years should understand how the industry works and what obtains in Customs operations at various Units. This is because the phrase- ‘Container Diversion’ is totally at variance with the operational framework of FOU Zone ‘A’, as enforcement Unit of Customs.

He emphasized, “However, I want those talking about ‘Container Diversion’,  to check the dictionary meaning of diversion. Also, they should come out openly and tell us their own meaning of ‘Container Diversion. So, we are waiting to hear their own meaning of ‘Container Diversion”.

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