Apapa Customs rakes in N350.9billion …Records 244,817 metric tons of exports

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Apapa Customs rakes in N350.9billion

.Records 244,817 metric tons of exports

By Udeme Clement

Apapa Customs is in the news again for huge income inflow. The Command despite general economic challenges in the  country,   recorded outstanding revenue  generation in 2017 economic year, with a total of N350.9billion.

The Command through efforts of the Customs Area Controller ,CAC, Comptroller Musa Jibril and officers who worked tirelessly as a team, successfully achieved  99.1 percent of its annual target, even as its surpassed the amount realised within the same period in 2016 with N50.9billion.

The Public Relations Officer ,PRO, of the Command, ASC I Nwala, N.I. disclosed this to Financial Business & Maritime News, explained that Apapa, which is the premier port increased its revenue performance over 2016 by N50.9billion, representing 14.5 percent growth comparatively.


A break down of  revenue collection for 2016 and 2017:

Month 2016 2017
January 23,476,370,003.00 25,958,919,218.73
February 19,756,988,135.00 24,767,582,067.43
March 18,477,738,488.00 26,713,144,429.13
April 19,256,139,768.00 25,186,752,882.45
May 17,203,969,904.00 33,618,220,540.24
June 22,796,837,287.00 29,498,646,970.73
July 27,405,005,184.83 30,958,508,169.19
August 34,923,757,810.77 32,104,450,170.46
September  32,947,903,912.38 28,041,289,644.00
October 27,756,404,585.07 31,800,442,408.75
November 28,667,636,206.28 36,227,934,752.96
December 27,312,314,317.06 26,102,520,560.57
Grand Total 299,981,065,601.39 350,978,411,814.64


Her words,  “This maximum revenue collection could be attributed to the leadership prowess of Comptroller Jibril who mapped out new strategies to block all leakages, while enhancing trade facilitation and security.  Other departments like  Customs Intelligence Unit ,CIU, Valuation and Post Clearance Audit ,PCA,  equally contributed in greatly towards achieving this feat”.


Apapa CAC handing over seized containers of drugs to NAFDAC representative:


She explained, “In aspect of enforcing government fiscal policies, the Command recorded a modest achievement in 2017,  as 24 detentions were made. These include containers of frozen fish and pharmaceutical products among other goods.  Seven out of the detained containers with drgus were handed over to National Agency for Food, Drug, Administration and Control ,NAFDAC, for further investigation and eventual prosecution. The 3X20FT containers of wet blue, which  contravened the provisions of schedule -6 of Common External Tariff ,CET, were among the seizures”.

The seized containers:


She added,  “In 2017, the Command  recorded 244,817 metric tons of exports with FOB value of  N 42,678,771,538.7  as against 88,115.4 metric tons of export with FOB value of  N52,509,676.04  exported through the port in year 2016”.

Her explanation,  “Our relationship with other government agencies remain very cordial in Apapa Command. In fact, this collaboration became even more robust with the introduction  of Presidential Order on the Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria, which demands all agencies to come under the same platform ,Central Examination Centre, to interface and perform their various duties, in order to enhance operational efficiency.

“The Heads of security  and the CAC of Apapa Command introduced a bi-weekly consultative meeting, with a view to boosting security within the ports environment.  The forum  consolidated its achievements in areas of  synergy with related stakeholders in making cargo clearance to be seamless in Apapa port”.  


She enthused, “In continuation of the modernisation effort of Customs, Apapa Command hosted the training of  newly introduced Nigeria Integrated Customs Information System II ,NICIS II, in ICT training room.  The Command has also put in place all mechanism for the take off, of the new system”.

She  pointed out,  “To sustain this pace at Apapa Command, the  CAC  has called on all officers to withdraw from  activities that could impede on the EASE OF DOING BUSINESS initiative . He advised all stakeholders to imbibe the patriotic spirit of total compliance to  government fiscal policies, to enhance economic growth and development.

“The CAC is therefore assuring all stakeholders, importers and exporters of a conducive business environment that will offer them opportunity of experiencing  sincere seamless clearance procedure of all their consignments, as long as total compliance to all extant laws guiding cargo clearance in the Ports is observed”.



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