FG not using Malaysian economist for recovery plan implementation – Says Prof. Akpan Ekpo

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FG not using Malaysian economist for recovery plan implementation – Says Prof. Akpan  Ekpo

By Udeme Clement

The Director General, West African Institute for Financial and Economic Management (WAIFEM), Prof. Akpan Ekpo, has declared that the Federal Government is not using a Malaysian economist for developing and implementing the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) 2017 -2020 blue print,  as some individuals are already speculating.

He disclosed this in a chat with Financial Business & Maritime News in Lagos, explaining that Nigeria has competent economic experts.

 The WAIFEM DG said, “What some people are saying about government using a Malaysian economist for the ERGP 2017 – 2020  is not true. It is not true, though I am not holding  brief for government”.

Ekpo who is also a professor of Economics pointed out, “The ERGP 2017-2020 was put together by Nigerian experts and I was part of the team.  Even the implementation plan was developed by Nigerian economists. Infact, they developed the part-1 and the part-2 of the plan. Also, the economic model that government is  using for the ERGP was developed by Nigerian Economic Society (NES), two years ago, and I was a lead consultant.”

He added, “The current Minister of Budget and National Planning is very nationalistic. He knows that Nigeria has the expertise.  So, he will not bring a foreign expert to develop an economic recovery plan that is needed in Nigeria. Government can bring a foreign expert for exchange of ideas. We can tap from their experience and they can tap from us as well”.

Responding to question on why people have the impression that government is using a Malaysian economist, he said,  “That perception is not true. Government is not using a Malaysian economist. What government did was to bring in a Malaysian expert to assist in attracting foreign investors in agriculture, industry and infrastructure development.  You can check further with the Minister himself”.


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